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by mood swings

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fresh hell 03:00
I am a stick in the big brown mud. I dilute my wine with ice, we kiss in bed and I get tired. I cut my hair like I’m a horse but in my heart I am a mouse. I would paint my face everyday into the shape of hesitation. The cards saw fire and they saw earth. If I am death will my rebirth be a sigh, a scream, a sexy dream, the hand, the keeper of the secrets? If I am earthbound the ground will be collected autumn sounds, the breathing out of a wordless year, in again and completely.
waterbaby 04:10
Dear sister, I brought you to the waterfall because I know it makes me feel full of big clean air all in me and the light bright water surrounding. I brought you to the waterfall ‘cause alls I want’s for you to feel more than barrels in your belly and the stinking canal surrounding. It comes as no surprise that I should draw you sleeping, whistling sweet through your bent front teeth. Pathetic! she said when I snuck into your room, but you cannot die I need to protect you. So row. You know you cannot eat only wood here, but you still stick it down your throat, the oar rips you inside out. You know you cannot drink this river in, it’s thick and it sticks to you when you fall in. Don’t drown baby don’t drown. Mama’s on the shoreline calling. I just want to be home. Won’t you meet me at home? So then row home.
on the way 02:40
What you wanted, I could not. I could knotted love those bodies down. I dreamed of white when sewn only by this one ghost, just lace one day and no more than bored. Then her crooked finger crept on over, poked it in my ribs, fished it out and made the muscle clear. I was on the way with her home, we saw the ghost. She holds no needle now. Marry the dog, make it easy, make it clean. Marry the dog.
I like the way they move like honeybees and I like the way that you can feel them breathing. I put my hand in it buzzing safe and warm, a swarm accepting my skin, not stinging, not necessarily lucky either. It’s one thing to be silent and the same to be sleeping when the hand it intrudes on a still body and I vow to pound skulls through the satellites that tie us, and you are not honey hot from the hive for the taking. Folded over on the lawn there, the dirty shoulder wiser than words when they say IT’S OKAY. It’s not.


s. ayton: guitar / bass / piano / vocals
kate larson: drums

recorded / mixed / mastered / cello by matt ross

recorded february 2013 in new paltz, ny

other music projects:

other other projects:

images drawn and songs written by s. ayton


released March 7, 2013

these songs are accompanied by a little book of watercolour paintings by s.a. called "I WANT TO LEARN TO DRAW THE MOUNTAINS."

8 colour pages, 4 1/4" x 2 3/4".

for a copy, send $1 and a S.A.S.E. to kate larson / p.o. box 1250 / new paltz, ny 12561 / USA


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mood swings Montreal, Québec

space sisters / transnational union born from the darkest month

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